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Restless Heart Restless Mind

Restless heart

Restless mind

When will this energy clear inside?

It is inviting me to sit and look.

To allow the answer to unfold like a book.

My mind is turning

Me heart is yearning

There is a lesson here that requires learning.

The wisdom, truth, and peace are here.

But they are also accompanied with fear.

Fear of freedom being taken away.

Fear of new battles to fight every day.

With uncertainty and lack of trust in those leading

That is the energy within that is not one that is fleeting.

It is our health and our bodies that are under attack.

The very freedom to choose our medical treatment might soon also be something we lack.

When I imagine a future where this liberty is taken away

It makes me want to take my family and fly far far away.

It makes me feel ill, uneasy, and downtrodden.

It makes me think that I have forgotten.

Forgotten who I am and why I am here.

Forgotten what life once lived feels like without the presence of fear.

It is up to me to wake up and show myself the way.

It is up to me to speak so that others won’t also be lead astray.

It is up to me to take back my freedom, my peace, and my power.

I do not have to wait for anyone or the last possible hour.

It is the reminder to shine your light and light the way

To join with others so that when we are together one day

We will stand together and say no more.

We will no longer allow this conflict and war.

We will have our will, our power, and our hearts united as one.

We will live freely on this New Earth and She truly will be victorious when all of this is said and done.

The freedom to breathe, provide, nurture, love, create, and grow.

It is the future we will continue to fight for and the one that we will know.

Do not stay quiet anymore and do not hide.

Take your health into your own hands and know that you are the only one who gets to decide.

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