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A Year Sober

Wow! I would have never thought a year and a day ago that I would be sitting here typing a blog about quitting drinking and sticking to it for a whole year. Like whoa! I knew I wanted to quit but I just didn't know how. It's just what I did and it's what everybody else was doing too so no big deal. Well a part of me deep down knew that I needed a way out. And she was always there. I didn't drink to black out or in an out of control way, I just drank 2-4 beers every day and more on the weekends. But y'all, let's be real, no one wants to fill that out on a form in a doctor's office-am I right? Yes! I am on that one.

I drank because I thought that it would take the edge off of being a Mom of two young boys and that it would give me a damn break from my head (bless my mind y'all-it NEVER stops!). And looking back, it really didn't do anything but make me wake up at 3am every morning and be in anxiety mode about my drinking and wondering if I had a problem and if it is normal and why can't I just not drink for a day and blah blah blah!! It only made the edge even more edgy-it made me out of balance and it absolutely made my hormones crazy!

So here came God, the Angels, Universe, Source (whatever resonates with you), with my way out because I wasn't planning on quitting y'all. It came in the form of small lumps in my breasts. Y'all I don't know about you, but no one has time to be messing with our boobs! I was scared! I also didn't link alcohol with this issue. A few weeks later, I ended up in a Naturopath's office and after reviewing my extensive paperwork (and y'all I was honest and it wasn't easy-insert shame) she said, "well if you want to know why you are having anxiety and depression, it's the beers. So, you're just going to have to quit." I replied, "Ok." And she looked at me shocked that I was so willing and I told her anything to get me out of this hell. I am wired for anxiety and y'all if you are too, alcohol only makes it way worse. I want you to be in the know-I sure wasn't.

So there was my way out! I grabbed it and NEVER looked back. I went in full force to heal my body through nutrition and no longer drinking and damn if I didn't witness a miracle! The lumps went away in 6 months. I was advised surgery and y'all I knew that in my gut it wasn't something that needed surgery. The lumps never showed up on a mammogram and they never got any bigger and in fact went away. Why am I telling you this? Well because I want you to also be in the know that alcohol messes with our hormones and can eventually lead us to a place where we don't want to go my friend-it starts with a "C" and ends with "er" . Y'all that word has so much fear attached to it-so much and for good reason. We are only shown the doom and gloom about it and the never ending quest for a cure. What if there is a better way? It's definitely not an easier way, but don't we all deserve better? The answer is Yes!

We can't feel prevention my friends. But we can feel our bodies when they are in pain and are carrying too much weight and are just feeling for lack of a better word diseased. Prevention is a way of life and a choice made each day of commitment for what is best for the body that your spirit is wrapped in. That's right your spirit is wrapped up in a suit of meat and energy and molecules and cells and bugs and viruses and bacteria and it's up to us to take care of it. So by drinking every day or taking some pills or eating a ton of sugary treats or drinking sodas or eating processed foods, you are messing with a whole lotta things. Think about that and how freaking AMAZING your body is. All of the pieces and parts constantly trying to be in balance and heal. It's mind blowing. So for me it's simple, alcohol serves no more purpose in my meat suit-I just ain't got time for that BS anymore. And honestly, who does? All this addicting stuff that our poor little meat suit has no idea is addicting. We are drawn to it through learning in our upbringing then to what society thinks we should be doing and douse it all with the media and social media-you've got a recipe for pass me another shot-right?! All of this putting layers upon layers onto our meat suit. Each choice can be a layer heaviness or pain or it can be removing a layer that creates fuel for optimization. It's as simple as that-but is it easy? HELL NO!

That's the better that we all deserve though. We deserve to hear the truth and we deserve the support and time to discover who we really freaking are so that we can heal! Our bodies are built to heal-so give them health and watch what happens. Give the body time to heal and tend to it with loving care, and watch what happens. Give the mind rest and meditation or prayer or silence and watch what happens. Give the heart gratitude, connection and community and watch what happens. Give your body a chance and love even the parts that are wounded and damaged and watch what happens. Y'all the "C" word is the final stage of neglect. It is a cell that thinks it's all alone and is left with only the choice to multiply. Nourish and support your cells, then the damaged ones just die off automatically. Look at you meat suit!! Way to go! More of that please!

And let's be really real for a hot second. I didn't want my two boys to think that drinking alcohol everyday is normal y'all. And that's what I was teaching them. I want them to be able to cope with what life throws their way without having to reach out to something outside of themselves. I just had to figure out how to free myself from myself before I could tach them that skill. Now I am not perfect at this whole freedom gig, as I am only in my second year, but I feel like I am making some really good strides and after all,I asked for a whole hearted experience and this is where I was led. Thank you Universe!

Here's to year 2!!

I hope this was helpful and if you have any questions, please ask. I absolutely love questions, y'all! They are my fave. Click here and ask away: www.moveforthcoaching/askangela

I am also looking for women just like you who want to make massive healthy changes in their lives so that their children and generations of children to follow can be spared and can learn from you how to choose health and live a life of freedom. If you are ready to dive deep and transform motherhood, then head on over and join the Move Forth Tribe

With so much love for you,


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