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What did i learn this year?

Does it have something to do with fear?

Was it about love, dreams, and hope?

Maybe it was finding a new bath soap.

Was it about creating things anew?

Or maybe it is what I now choose to do?

Was it about ways to be healthy?

Or what it truly means to feel wealthy?

I'm not talking about what money can buy.

I'm talking living a wholehearted life and having spirits lifted high.

Maybe it has something to do with connecting.

Hence the reason for this reflecting.

What about the things that I have let go?

Saying yes to me and to all that does not serve me, a big fat NO.

And how about that massive shift within me?

It was something small yet BIG and before, what I wasn't able to see.

Now it is crystal clear.

This was a precious powerful year.

A year filled with family and friends, expansion, gratitude, and fear.

A year filled with growth, presence, habit breaking, and cheer.

A year that will forever be a part of my story.

A year that I will use to share with all of you completely filled with glory.

A year that has forever made its mark in my heart.

For it's the year that I ended and now start.

With love in my heart and gratitude in my soul,

I will move forth this year too and set some new goals.

To teach you too, how to let go, to love and to just be you.

To light up your spirit and the spirits of those around you too.

May this bring you inspiration and warmth in your heart.

With love,


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