What did i learn this year?

Does it have something to do with fear?

Was it about love, dreams, and hope?

Maybe it was finding a new bath soap.

Was it about creating things anew?

Or maybe it is what I now choose to do?

Was it about ways to be healthy?

Or what it truly means to feel wealthy?

I'm not talking about what money can buy.

I'm talking living a wholehearted life and having spirits lifted high.

Maybe it has something to do with connecting.

Hence the reason for this reflecting.

What about the things that I have let go?

Saying yes to me and to all that does not serve me, a big fat NO.

And how about that massive shift within me?

It was something small yet BIG and before, what I wasn't able to see.

Now it is crystal clear.

This was a precious powerful year.

A year filled with family and friends, expansion, gratitude, and fear.

A year filled with growth, presence, habit breaking, and cheer.

A year that will forever be a part of my story.