I am Angela Grace.  I'm so glad you are here.  I have been on a health journey since 2016 and where it has taken me is truly incredible.  I have learned so much along the way including how to deal with anxiety and depression, no longer needing to drink alcohol each day to relieve stress, unlocking the incredible miracle that our bodies are, and the fact that the freedom to make our own medical decisions is the most important component of getting and staying healthy.  God created us to have freedom and it is up to us to protect and preserve that freedom and to pass that down to generations to follow.

My Story

I have always had anxiety and depression with me throughout my life.  It has just been a part of my experience.  Growing up, I was afraid of germs...a total germ freak up until 2020.  It is my understanding through research and coursework and self discovery that we are so much more than any germ outside of us could ever be.  We are composed of viruses and bacteria and fungi that make up the intricacies of our miraculous bodies and the biomes that dwell in it.  Our biomes (gut and skin to name a few) are in constant contact with the world around us.  This is why it is important to know what your biomes are exposed to from the outside world which include a long list of toxins that are literally everywhere we turn-cosmetics, pesticides, herbicides, the water we drink, home cleaning supplies, in the air we breathe...they are everywhere.  

I was diagnosed with lumps in both of my breasts in the summer of 2018.  They were undetectable on a mammogram and yet I was still recommended to have surgery.  I politely and respectfully refused and told my doctor that I wanted to try a different approach and that I was being called to make drastic lifestyle changes.  One of these was to get rid of my daily beer or wine drinking habit.  I didn't drink to get drunk, I drank to relax...and let's just say that it wasn't helping.  My doctor was so wonderful about my decision even though that was not what she recommended.  So off I went with the support and guidance from a Naturopath to create a new way of living.  I had just become a Certified Health and Life Coach and so if I am a "master of habit change," then it was time that I walk the walk.  I quit drinking and found out that my liver wasn't metabolizing estrogen properly.  This was fascinating to me.  The journey to a healthier life hasn't bee an easy (take this pill) process.  Lifestyle changes can be challenging on our mental and emotional states, but it has been so worth it.   I learned so many incredible things about our miraculous bodies and I continue to live a health conscious lifestyle to this day (limited toxin exposure, all organic foods, and filtered and remineralized water).  I currently live a plant based life but certainly know that it is not for everyone nor would I recommend it to everyone.  It is simply what works for me now and who knows, maybe I will eat salmon or a nice organic grass fed steak one of these days.  I am open to what is in store for me and what my body needs as I continue in this life.

I have been trying to build a coaching business for 4 years now and I have helped many beautiful people along the way which has been wonderful.  As March of 2020 closed the world down, I was lead to begin anew.  I am still a Coach at heart and absolutely love supporting people when life brings challenges and when our own thoughts about others and life create road blocks.  Our minds are so incredibly powerful and I learn this over and over again each day by the grace of God.  I was lead to homeschooling in 2020 and I absolutely LOVE it.  Is it challenging?  YES!  Is it rewarding?  Double YES! I was also lead to speak out for the importance of Medical Freedom.  Not every medicine or treatment is right for everyone just like a plant based lifestyle isn't for everyone.  I believe that if we lose our freedom to choose what goes into our bodies or not, then we lose our very sovereignty.  These are our bodies given to us by God and we should have the freedom to decide what medical treatments we choose.  It is just the natural way and I am all about natural and simple and lovely.

And finally the most significant shift to date is getting God and Jesus back at the center of my life.  I find myself speechless and in sheer awe in the presence of God on a daily basis and I choose to be in constant prayer for our world, humanity, our health, and our freedom.  The joy that I have in my heart is beyond powerful, and the peace that I feel when I am struggling  mentally and emotionally is beyond what I could have ever dreamed of.  To have unwavering peace within your heart when the world is in utter chaos around you or within your heart or mind is truly the greatest gift and I look forward to sharing more about all of this with you here.  My goal is for this website to be a resource for you and a place where you can feel supported.  I know that I would not be where I am today without the love and support and guidance of others.  What a beautiful thing it is.  I am not currently taking clients at this time for coaching, but I will be putting more time and energy into this space where you can meet me here and where we can Move Forth with Freedom, Health, and Grace together.  Stay in touch.  Thank you for being here.  Thank you for your love.

With love and joy,

         Angela Grace

Let's Move Forth Together

I have joined forces with The Patriot Academy and offer FREE online Constitution Courses.  The Constitution is natural, simple, and was thought out with such foresight so that we can know what to do when our freedom is at stake like it is today.  


I have created ways for us to connect with each other in the Move Forth with Freedom Group. I have compiled resources for your family in regards to what 2020 was all about.  I now have a store where you can purchase Medical Freedom Shirts, Sweatshirts, and tanks that you can wear with confidence while respecting others beliefs too.


I am currently creating NEVER BANDS which are bracelets that you and your children can wear that stand up for your medical freedom in regards to NEVER taking the experimental CV19 injections.  I am currently working with a company and you can order them now.